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Hay Golf Academy

Hay Golf Academy is a new up and coming golf academy for junior golfers and adults. They needed branding and website to get started.

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Modern Golf

Modern Golf needed a push to up date their branding and increase online conversation on their website. This redesign did exactly that.

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The Study Academy

The Study Academy is a unique school. A unique school, needs a unique video to help promote and explain what they ‘re about.

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My process


I look at current experiances and competitors, crating hypothesizes on how to take it to the next level.


Here I begin to validate the hypothesis. Sketching, wireframing, prototyping and creating pixel perfect viduals.


Once the design and problem had be tested and valiadted, I begin to code and bring the experance to life.


I dive into the anyalytics see what's working and begin to optimize the design.

About me

Hey There!

I’m Stefan Twerdochlib (Twer-Dock-Lib Sorry they were short on vowels when I got my last name) a design swiss army knife and a dinosaur enthusiast.

There’s a lot I can do, I’m well versed with the Adobe Creative Suite, I have been known as a photoshop ninja! I create slick motion graphics, with After Effects—A new passion of mine. I have been known to grab a good ol’ cup of java and dive into some hand coding of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL—I can also manipulate JavaScript and work in Ghost, Wordpress and Octoboer CMS.

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