Modern Golf

Web design, Graphic design, Development, Branding

My Role

Led the redesign and development of the Modern Golf website, evolving the brand a creating a seamless user experience journey for online booking.

Customer Insights & Ideation

Working with Modern Golf’s marketing and business managers and consulting with fellow video designers, I curated a user experience concept with features that address customer behaviors and motivations.

Strategy & Vision

I strategically created frameworks and prototypes to share the vision and design principles. This helped to evangelise the processideas, gain alignment and drive decision-making.

Planning & Scope Definition

After getting a clear idea about the product, I focused on Modern Golf’s customer and business goals to prioritize a plan for features for launch and beyond.

Oversight & Coordination

Through collaborative sketch sessions with Modern Golf managers, we brought their brand vision to life while keeping customer motivation in mind.

Design Execution & Validation

With Wordpress limitations in mind, I started the design in the mobile view and then constructed journeys, wireframes, prototypes and design specs.


I consistently presented concepts to ensure alignment from managers, owners and other Modern Golf stakeholders through the project lifecycle.


The Challenge


Modern Golf, a small shop of eight people, needed a way to promote their facility and draw customers to their store to book fittings and ultimately buy their products. The challenge was to generate interest in the competitive niche market of custom golf fitting.


The three main KPI for this project was to reduce their bounce rate from 88%, increase conversion by getting more customers to book fittings and highlight the fitting process with videos.

The focus

The main objective of this project was to increase inbound customers booking golf club fittings through the website.

Customer flow

Detailed Design


Explore the images below to see the final design developed for the Modern Golf website.

modern golf site

Final website

mobile sign up

Mobile signup

drive hybrid and ircon icons wedge putter and bag icons

Custom Icons

The Framework


Through a top-down approach to define the overall structure of the experience, I sketched and storyboarded ideas about the arrangement of user interface. Starting broad helped our vision to evolve into something tangible.

Website IA

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